VCL to BeOS equivalents

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This is a preliminary effort to map Borland's VCL classes to similar or equivalent Be's BeOS classes. The VCL information was obtained from the Delphi 4 and C++Builder 4 help files, whereas the BeOS information came from the Be Book for R4.5.

The following VCL classes have been mapped, so far:

Buttons -
ColorGrd -
ComCtrls -
TListItem, TListView, TPageControl, TProgressBar, TTabControl, TTabSheet, TTrackBar, TTreeView
Controls -
ExtCtrls -
Forms -
TForm, TScreen, TScrollBox
Graphics -
TFont, TMetafile
Menus -
TMainMenu, TMenuItem, TPopupMenu
Outline -
StdCtrls -
TButton, TCheckBox, TComboBox, TEdit, TGroupBox, TMemo, TRadioButton, TScrollBar
Windows -
Rect, TPoint
VCL Name Unit BeOS Name Kit Declaration Library Note
TEdit StdCtrls BTextControl Interface be/interface/TextControl.h  
TButton StdCtrls BButton Interface be/interface/Button.h  
TCheckBox StdCtrls BCheckBox Interface be/interface/CheckBox.h  
TControl Controls BControl Interface be/interface/Control.h  
TListView ComCtrls BListView Interface be/interface/ListView.h  
TListItem ComCtrls BListItem Interface be/interface/ListItem.h  
TTreeView ComCtrls BOutlineListView Interface be/interface/OutlineListView.h  
TOutline Outline BOutlineListView Interface be/interface/OutlineListView.h  
TMainMenu Menus BMenu Interface be/interface/Menu.h  
TPopupMenu Menus BPopUpMenu Interface be/interface/PopUpMenu.h  
TMenuItem Menus BMenuItem Interface be/interface/MenuItem.h  
TGroupBox StdCtrls BBox Interface be/interface/Box.h The BBox class is not a container like the TGroupBox.
TColorGrid ColorGrd BColorControl Interface be/interface/ColorControl.h  
TFont Graphics BFont Interface be/interface/Font.h  
TComboBox StdCtrls BMenuField Interface be/interface/MenuField.h  
TMetafile Graphics BPicture Interface be/interface/Picture.h  
TBitBtn Buttons BPictureButton Interface be/interface/PictureButton.h  
TPoint Windows BPoint Interface be/interface/Point.h  
TRadioButton StdCtrls BRadioButton Interface be/interface/RadioButton.h  
Rect Windows BRect Interface be/interface/Rect.h  
TScreen Forms BScreen Interface be/interface/Screen.h  
TScrollBar StdCtrls BScrollBar Interface be/interface/ScrollBar.h  
TScrollBox Forms BScrollView Interface be/interface/ScrollView.h  
TShape ExtCtrls BShape Interface be/interface/Shape.h  
TTrackBar ComCtrls BSlider Interface be/interface/Slider.h  
TProgressBar ComCtrls BStatusBar Interface be/interface/StatusBar.h  
TPageControl ComCtrls BTab Interface be/interface/TabView.h  
TTabControl ComCtrls BTab Interface be/interface/TabView.h  
TTabSheet ComCtrls BTabView Interface be/interface/TabView.h  
TMemo StdCtrls BTextView Interface be/interface/TextView.h  
TForm Forms BWindow Interface be/interface/Window.h