Local Microsoft Events

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Vista & Office 2007 Launch Event

As you may know, it’s customary for Microsoft to host launch events nationwide on the cusp of major product launches. This month Microsoft is officially launching Vista and Office 2007 and has a big event planned. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Across America Launch Event is only slated for nearby Orlando and the registration is already maxed out.

On the other hand, downtown Tampa is getting the watered–down version, Ready for a New Day, this coming Thursday. Personally, I probably will not attend this event. I’ve been running Office 2007 and Vista since November, and only 1 out of 4 tracks is developer–centric. Although if you do attend the Tampa event, there’s always the chance that you’ll win a free copy of Office 2007 from Russ.

Future Local Microsoft Events

MSDN Events is pretty bad about listing future events ahead of time. In fact, they do not have anything listed after the Vista launch right now. My guess is the next one will coincide with the release of Orcas. Or maybe they’ll have one before then when AJAX 1.0 is released. Don’t expected to see a DevDays this year since we haven’t seen the likes of it since 2004.

Occasionally, Microsoft also plays host to FlaDotNet User Group meetings. The user group is co–sponsoring another Code Camp this year, but it’s being held in Miramar.