Installing a new chandelier is really a two-person job!

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I don't know how many months of searching it took my Wife and I to agree upon a new chandelier we both liked. Well, thanks to Ballard Designs we finally purchased a Darby 9-Light Chandelier.

Little did I know how difficult it would be to install by myself. Standing on a ladder, trying to hold it up in one hand, while trying to run tiny wires through holes, and trying to screw it on. That was a sweat-inducing exercise in pain and frustration!

Do yourself a favor and get a second person to help out! Also, make sure the power is truly off so you do get electrocuted. And buy a chain cutting tool instead of using your brute-force strength to break the chain links to size it to your required length.

Wow! I don't what to install another one of these any time soon!