I  code.

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Back on November 29th 2007 I upgraded my free ADC Online membership to Select; mainly for the Leopard developer content (and the significant hardware discount I later learned about). The very next day Apple shipped the orientation kit, which I just got around to opening today.

Aside from the expected content DVD's, I was surprised to see a black tee-shirt with “I  code.” on the front, and a lonely Apple symbol on the back. Their tee-shirt is a slight contrast to the tee-shirts Microsoft gives out (never in short supply) at MSDN events. Apple's ADC tee-shirt seems to fit their Zen-like minimalist style to a tee. (Blatant puns intended)

Fortunately, my keen sense of style forbids that I wear these types of nerdy shirts in public. I did, however, entertain the notion of wearing it to Microsoft's next MSDN event just for kicks. 😉